Regular show is ending!!

I’m every sad to say one of my favorite Cartoon Network  shows are ending. Creator JG Quintel talks about ending the series at Season 8. Cartoon Network will have a huge hole to fill in its schedule after it was announced the upcoming season of Regular Show will be its last.  Regular show was one of Cartoons Network’s longest running series. This show was every funny, loved by many and will be missed. [

By Mel

Nintendo Switch

Hey guys its Mel the new Nintendo Switch is  looking so amazing and cool. This gaming system is so great i love everything about. The Nintendo Switch  can be a at home, gaming system. The Nintendo Switch dock that connects the system on the TV and lets you play with family and friends in the comfort of your own home. Also by lifting Nintendo Switch from the dock, the system will instantly transform into portable mode, and the same awesome gaming experience that was being enjoyed at home. Now can travels with you. the portability of Nintendo Switch is so great and amazing. It brings the full home gaming system experience with you to the park, on an airplane, in a car, or to a friend’s and practically anywhere. So guys keep your eyes open for the Nintendo Switch comes out.       nintendo-switch-1

By Mel


I’m happy to be back. it’s been so long because I forgot my password but now I’m going to start writing more. Let’s get right to it! Have you played Pokemon Alpha Sapphire? Now the game is fun and a lot of my friends said they have won the game 10 or more times but to me its hard at some points in the game. Now do you know the main characters May or Brendan?  Well I play as May or as myself, Mel.  Now I had my battle with Brendan and might I say his Pokemon stink because I have won every time and if you play as Brendan, May’s Pokemon stink too. The only characters that have good Pokemon are gym leaders but the game is fun and cool. if you are interest in this game you have to have a a Nintendo 3DS.  I think if you like Pokemon you should play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

By Mel

Mistakes in the First Pokemon Movie

There are multiple mistakes in the first Pokemon movie. First off, in the beginning of the movie, pikachu’s thunderbolt knocked out a Golem, a final form GROUND TYPE Pokemon which thunderbolt shouldn’t even affect! Also, when Team Rocket is naming Pokemon, they say “alakazam” but the Pokemon is a SCYTHER. Another thing is one of the trainers claims that all his Pokemon are water types. Actually, a nidoqueen is in his team. Nidoqueen is a poison-ground type. Finally, Nurse Joy, when she is possessed by Mewtwo, tells Ash and friends to bring out all of their Pokemon. Tell me where pidgeotto, onix, staryu, zubat, geodude, and goldeen were. In their pokeballs!

By Mel

Top Ten Legendary Pokemon Vote

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1 Arceus Vote

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3 Rayquaza Vote

4 Mew Vote

5 Lugia Vote

6 Dialga Vote

7 Giratina  Vote

8 Darkrai Vote

9 Palkia Vote

10 Deoxys Vote

By Mel